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This page lists the features used to facilitate the accessibility, compatibility and interoperability of the content of the ICONS website.

The UK Government has made it a priority that websites should be usable by people with impaired vision, with reading difficulties or who may find it difficult to use a mouse. The ICONS site has been designed in accordance with the RNIB's "See it Right" guidelines, as well as the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

In addition to this, our editorial staff write stories using our guidelines on simple, readable, accessible English. You will also find that we use full alternative descriptions of pictures and graphics on our site, making it easier for screen reader users to build a picture of our content.

Technical specification

The ICONS site uses CSS stylesheets to control the format and appearance of fonts, links and pages.

The site has been built to comply with level 'A' of the World Wide Web Consortium's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. We aim, wherever possible, to meet 'AA' standards or better.

Font Sizes and Adjustment

Font sizes are determined by the user's preferences and all body text can be resized using the browser's standard mechanisms.

Font size adjustment is usually accessed via the View menu. Use the View>Text Size or View>Text Zoom or View>Zoom options.

Browser requirements

A Web standards compliant visual browser will display the pages as they are intended.

PC users: Users running Internet Explorer 5.5 and up as well as Firefox 1.3 and Opera 7.0 should be supported.

Mac users: ICONS is designed to work for users running Safari 1.0 and up or Firefox.

Site testing

The site has been the subject of usability and accessibility testing at the planning and design stage supervised by the Web Usability Partnership and Bunnyfoot. Accessibility testing included work with visually–impaired, dyslexic and deaf users.

If you experience accessibility-related problems with the ICONS site please let us know, giving details of your difficulties and the browser you are using.

If you have a question regarding accessibility, compatibility or interoperability related to this site that is not answered here, please contact us at.