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Advisory Board Meeting Two

8 December 2005

  • The meeting began with a surprise viewing of a contender of an 'icon of England' - Shakespeare's First Folio.
  • ICONS Editorial Director, Daniel Hahn (DH), reported on progress being made on drawing up a proposed list of the 2nd wave of announcements, which were discussed. The popularity of some nominations was a bit of a surprise. Morris Dancing had received intense public support, for example.
  • DH also reported that the editorial team were busy completing research and writing assignments connected to the first wave of icons to be announced at the launch. Work was on schedule.
  • ICONS Managing Director, Jerry Doyle (JD), gave a Marketing Update report highlighting work being undertaken ahead of the ICONS launch event. Key points included progress reports on media partnership meetings with the Mirror, which signalled the need to schedule the launch in the New Year rather than before Xmas. The celebrity outreach work was a success. Celebrities were gradually signing up to support the initiative by supplying nominations, including Claire Rayner, Maureen Lipman, Janet Suzman, Jonathan Miller and Jimmy Hill.
  • Partnership news was reported to the meeting by JD. Meetings had taken place with the Football Association, Pride personnel in Brighton and Mencap (re an art competition in 2006). ICONS attended the launch of Islam Awareness Week to build up contacts and Ken Livingstone supplied his nomination at the event. Regional museum contact was being refreshed ahead of the launch.
  • The date was announced for a launch on 9 January 2006 at the Globe Theatre. Culture Minister, David Lammy had been invited to attend. Props were being sourced (daleks, telephone boxes etc.) to provide interest at the event. The guest list was being drawn up.
  • Dates for future meetings - it was agreed that it would be good to schedule several meetings in advance.