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ICONS is working together with:

Look hear! Choose your media moments...

ICONS is supporting the National Media Museum's Media Matters campaign.


In 2007, ICONS and Mencap worked together to bring you a calendar dedicated to national icons of England.

Icons of the Environment

The Jewish Museum

Icons supports 'Identities 2006' as it celebrates three and a half centuries of British, Jewish life.

The British Postal Museum and Archive

Icons is working with the British Postal Museum and Archive at many levels.

Age Concern and Silver Surfer Week

The Silver Surfers’ Festival has been a big hit with Over 50s around the country. It is hoped over 20,000 older people will be persuaded to dip their toe in a virtual wave and start surfing on the web.

Footsteps of Giants Festival

1001 Inventions

In association with ICONS, 1001 inventions is a UK based project which aims to increase awareness and appreciation of 1,000 years of Muslim contribution in science and technology to modern civilisation.

The Daily Mirror

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