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ICONS in Academia

Since ICONS launched in January, interest in the project has been intense. Recently, it has been the subject of university level academic probing by both students and professors

The ICONS- A Portrait of England project is being hotly debated at elite centres of learning around the globe. It was recently the topic of discussion at the University of Hanover, Germany when student Annika Bierwirth presented her study of the ICONS project, "National Identity and its representations in Modern British Culture", to her class. 

The presentation provoked a lively discussion with most present agreeing ICONS would be a useful learning tool in the classroom.Some students felt, however, that ICONS of England could usefully be expanded to become ICONS of Britain, while others were concerned that allowing worldwide voting on the site could schew ICONS' voting figures. The idea of an open discussion forum on the ICONS site was also proposed.

In addition, Learn and Play has just heard that the ICONS project will be a topic of discussion at a conference on August 7 and 8 in Mexico, called 'Evolution and Diversity in Education and Learning' (Evolucion y diversidad en la ensenanza-aprendizaje).