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The Bard. Pain or Pleasure for Pupils?

Although Shakespeare is established as England's most famous author, schools are failing to bring his works to life.

The Royal Shakespeare Company has said that Shakespeare's work is not inspiring students as much as they would wish. Lack of live performances, exam pressure and weak teacher training are blamed for creating a poor first impression for pupils of William Shakespeare.

Simon Wrigley, chairman for the National Association for teaching English, said "Shakespeare seems to have been hijacked by testing regimes to the extent that children cannot see it as relevant to their lives. Because of a lack of opportunities to experience live performances, Shakespeare remains alien to many children and, unfortunately, a burden rather than a joy."

This being said, Shakespeare is still popular generally speaking. Almost 400 years after his death, his plays still sell by the thousand and Oxford University press alone rings up 10,000 sales of his most famous works every year.

Source: TES

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