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Me and My Icons

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The Music of Vaughan Williams

The Music of Vaughan Williams

The sound of Vaughan Williams has a distinct echo of home for Bob Ross.

"It is just so English. England is the first thing that comes to mind when I listen to the music.  The countryside in England, like the South Downs or the Yorkshire Moors, represents so much to me. I go to France a lot and though I love France I always take a CD with me of Vaughan Williams' music to remind me of home."

A trip to France in 2002 brought Bob to the attention of the British press. Ryanair charged him £18.00 to use a wheelchair at Stansted Airport because he was unable to walk to the check-in desk. He took the company to court and won his case in a landmark judgement in 2004, scoring a major victory for disabled travellers across the UK.

"I think the ICONS project is valuable because it’s so inclusive. I have spent many years fighting exclusion. ICONS is a good example of inclusion. It is important to be inclusive because none of us can exist in isolation, we need to work together and care for each other. Only by working together can we achieve things."

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Bob Ross

Disability campaigner, community worker

Bob Ross lives in North London and is the Helpline Manager for the Disabled Living Foundation (DLF). He’d like to hear from anyone who needs advice on disability equipment – visit www.dlf.org.uk for more information. Bob has had cerebral palsy since birth and suffers from arthritis.