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Me and My Icons

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Umm!... Apple and Blackberry Crumble – with home picked apples and blackberries from the local fields.  This is the most English of institutions.  After a slap up Sunday Lunch of Roast lamb, Yorkshire puddings and the rest why not layer on the calories even further with this English Treat!

“A bit of custard, a bit of cream – it’ll remind you of your best dream!” – it’s comfort food at its best, it’s a reminder of childhood, puddings at school and visits to your Aunty Dorothy.  Everyone knows what a crumble is in England and noone has exactly the same thing abroad.  They think they do but it’s just totally English.  Apple Crumble is an icon!

Have a listen to the Crumble Song


Lorraine Bowen

Musical Entertainer

Lorraine Bowen is a cabaret artist who is well-known for her “Crumble song” performed on a 1983 Casiotone Organ held up by an ironing board stand.  She has recorded for the BBC and has had many of her own shows in the West End and abroad.

Four albums of English songs about Cups of tea, Composts and Burgers complete an eccentric and wonderful persona of British-ness.  The Canadians have called her an English “National Treasure” and you can still see her perform at many cult, trendy places in London.