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Me and My Icons

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Fish and Chips and London Cockney Sparrows

Fish and Chips and London Cockney Sparrows

There aren’t many people you could invite for supper and get away with giving them nothing but a plate of fish and chips from the local chippie – but Claire Rayner might just be one of them.

“A glorious plate of fish and chips from the Sea Shell restaurant in Lisson Grove” is what she nominates as her icon. “It’s just not the same any more without the smell of vinegar-soaked newspaper” she adds “but it’s OK off a plate.”

A Londoner through and through, Claire also nominates the unassuming sparrow as an icon. “London Cockney sparrows. The noise they made in Leicester Square, in such huge numbers, and they are very hard to find these days. They used to come right up to you and eat right out of your hand and they are all gone now.”

She says of the ICONS project “It’s a lovely idea. I think it’s wonderful. There are many people over 60 now going online and using the Internet.”

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images © Joanne O'Brien

Fish and Chips and London Cockney Sparrows

Claire Rayner

Agony aunt, broadcaster, campaigner, writer and novelist

Patron of dozens of social and charitable organisations, health campaigner, writer and agony aunt extraordinaire, Claire Rayner has been personal advisor to the nation since the 1960s. Having listened to our problems for so long, in 2003 she talked about her own harrowing childhood in her autobiography, ‘How Did I Get Here From There?'.