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Me and My Icons

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Red Telephone Box

Red Telephone Box

Minister for Culture David Lammy has chosen the traditional red telephone box, a piece of design history that dates back to 1924.

When David was born in 1972 the red boxes were still a staple part of the English environment; their decline didn’t really begin until the early 1990s.

“It’s a much loved, internationally recognised British icon,” he says.

Commenting on the ICONS project, he adds: “No one can fail to respond to some of the icons that feature in this project, whether it's Stonehenge, the London Eye or the great British cuppa.  Who hasn't ached for a proper cup of tea when they've been on an overseas holiday, or yearned for their team to pick up the FA Cup at the end of the season? Icons are important to us because they evoke thoughts and emotions about how we feel about our place in society.  The Icons website helps us to explore how our response to icons has shaped our understanding of personal and national identity."

Read more about and vote on red telephone boxes.

Image of David Lammy ©topfoto.co.uk

Red Telephone Box

David Lammy MP


Tottenham-born David Lammy was elected MP for Tottenham at age 27 in a 2000 by-election following the death of Bernie Grant. Raised in a family of five by a single mother, he became a barrister in 1994 and was the first black Briton to study a Masters in Law at the Harvard Law School in 1997.