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Me and My Icons

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Stonehenge and Concorde

Stonehenge and Concorde

Jonathan Miller chose two icons – and had something to say on the concept of iconicity too.

“There are certain places which to varying degrees have become iconic and then they fade away. Stonehenge is … an icon of mysterious and enigmatic antiquity – what was it for, how did they get the stones there?”

“I think Concorde was iconic because it represented the last fling of British post-war aeronautical ingenuity, as well as being the plane on which the very grand travelled.”

“There are things that go in and out of fashion as icons – they often enjoy extremely brief iconicity. … I suppose now the very term celebrity is an example of a shoddy, commercial form of iconicity which is as rapidly extinguished as it is ignited.”

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Image of Jonathon Miller ©topfoto.co.uk

Stonehenge and Concorde

Jonathan Miller

Theatre and opera director, physician, sculptor, writer, presenter

A man of seemingly endless talent, Jonathan Miller first came into the public eye in the Cambridge graduate review Beyond the Fringe with Peter Cook, Dudley Moore and Alan Bennett. Since then, he’s proved himself in just about everything - from stage director to TV writer and presenter, from lecturer to sculptor.