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Me and My Icons

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The Humber Bridge

The Humber Bridge

“It’s the longest suspension bridge in the country, it is as delicate as a spider’s web and as strong as the steel it’s made from. My late mother loved to watch it from the window of her flat.”

The bridge arouses powerful feelings when she returns to Hull from her home in North London’s Muswell Hill.

“It spans the brown waters of the Humber and it says home to me every time I see it, although when I left Hull in 1965, it wasn’t even a gleam in an architect’s eye. I like its bleakness and its solitary splendour … and let’s face it, who else is going to vote for it?”

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The Humber Bridge

Maureen Lipman CBE

Actress and writer

Maureen Lipman has now spent almost 30 years acting on-stage and on-screen. Best-known performances include Beattie from the British Telecom adverts, Jane Lucas in the TV comedy series ‘Agony’ and ‘Agony Again’ and Trish in the film ‘Educating Rita’. She was married to the playwright Jack Rosenthal who died in 2004 and has two children, Amy and Adam.