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Me and My Icons

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The 'Mind the Gap' Announcement

The 'Mind the Gap' Announcement

Charlie Dimmock must find any trips she makes on the London Underground a source of real pleasure, thanks to her fascination with the quirky, uniquely English ‘Mind the Gap’ announcement. She had no hesitation in nominating it as her icon.

“England is probably the only country in the world that uses [the announcement] – combined with the notice on the platform. On the underground the old announcement featured the fierce voice of Peter Lodge and could not be misunderstood. The recording  begins with a middle C ‘bong’ followed by three ‘mind  the gaps’, a pause and then one more repetition and the warning ‘stand clear of the doors, please’.”

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The 'Mind the Gap' Announcement

Charlie Dimmock

TV presenter, gardening expert, writer

Charlie Dimmock was first discovered by TV producer John Thornicroft when she built a pond for the Meridian TV series ‘Grassroots’. Five years later, he made her part of BBC TV’s 'Ground Force' team. Still a key player in 'Ground Force', she became a star in her own right with her own series ‘Charlie’s Garden Army’.