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Me and My Icons

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The pub sign

The pub sign

It’s no wonder Graham Norton has a fondness for the English pub sign – after all, it was in a London pub that his highly successful comedy career was born. After drama school, he was working as a barman in Clerkenwell and, as luck would have it, the pub had a room upstairs. Graham, who’d started writing comedy monologues, suggested to the owners that he put on a show up there. The result was ‘The Mother Teresa of Calcutta Grand Farewell Tour’, in which he played Mother Teresa as an Irish housewife. He took the show to the Edinburgh fringe in 1991 and his career as a comedy performer began.

Image of pub sign © Ted Davis

The pub sign

Graham Norton

Entertainer, comic, actor

One of the country’s most famous entertainers, BAFTA-winning Graham Norton was born in Dublin and raised in Bandon, County Cork. He moved to London in his early twenties. Graham first came to public attention with his role as Father Noel in the TV comedy series, Father Ted, but is best known now for his TV chat shows like V Graham Norton and The Bigger Picture With Graham Norton.

Image of Graham Norton © topfoto.co.uk