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A Lost Glove on a Fence Post

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A Lost Glove on a Fence Post

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A Lost Glove on a Fence Post

Picking up a lost glove is a gesture of thoughtfulness and courtesy in a fast-moving, aggressive modern world. It is an act of the utmost optimism in the face of overwhelming cynicism and chaos. Rescuing a glove from the puddles and mud of the street and raising it to the safety of the fence post or dry brick wall, is a simple act of everyday heroism. The English are very good at all of these.

Seeing a solitary glove, stoically awaiting its fate, is apt to put one in a contemplative, poetic frame of mind, a mood akin to Wordsworth’s when he spotted those daffodils, or Keats’s when he viewed the Grecian urn. What hapless person dropped this cherished item? What anguish will be endured upon discovery of the loss? What event was so important that they never turned back? Or will they…?

Photo: Liz Doyle


Your comments

It is a bit of a quirky thing to do, but we all do it. Put it up somewhere safe just in case the owner comes this way again!

Murray Peterson

When I see a glove on a fence post it makes me think that something terrible has happened, like someone has been mugged or attacked. It's like when you see a shoe on a motorway - what has happened to cause such an obscure item to be there? Maybe by placing the glove on the fence post you're simply reminding the glove's owner of the horrific experience they went through. That sounds more like England to me. The only reason someone might put it there is because one glove is useless to them, if the 10 pound note they cost was lying there it'd be taken. If there was a pair of gloves you might take them, or if you put them on the fence someone else would. Get a grip, its a gesture of guilt. Well, picking up a glove just doesn't cut it.

Living abroad, I have become aware of a very particular attribute of the English - they care about other people. The glove is a clever symbol and recognition of this most wonderful of things English.
Alaric Wyatt

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I nominate the English weather.