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A Pet Cat

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A Pet Cat

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A Pet Cat

The cute, fluffy creatures that adorn millions of British calendars, chocolate boxes and comfy sofas began life about 12 million years ago as African wild creatures. The first domesticated cats are thought to have lived on Cyprus 8000 years ago, brought to the island by settlers.

A famous T-shirt reads, 'Cats were once worshipped. They have not forgotten this', referring to the animals' revered status in ancient Egypt. They were kept to control pests in precious grain stores, but soon became objects of worship and respect. When they died, they were mummified and entombed with their owners.

The domestic feline was almost certainly brought to Britain during the Roman invasion, but by the Middle Ages, they were having a bad time. They were accused of spreading bubonic plague, and were associated with witchcraft.

Twenty-five per cent of Britons now own a cat, making them the nation's favourite pet.

Photo: Wendy Baldwin


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Because so many homes have a pet cat, and so many of us are besotted by them.

Edward Dilley

Are you crazy? It's all about dogs.
Miss K Lola

A house isn't a home unless it's ruled by a cat.
Kathy Taylor

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I nominate the red pillar box.

Donna Spencer