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Abbey Road

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Abbey Road

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Abbey Road

An elegant white building on a busy north London thoroughfare – 3 Abbey Road, NW8 – was built as a private home in the reign of William IV. It was acquired by the Gramophone Company (later EMI) in the 1930s, and converted into a sound recording studio. In its early years, it recorded performances by some of the great orchestras, but the main reason it features as an icon of England, we reckon, derives from the arrival on 6 June 1962 of four young leather-jacketed scruffs and their dodgy-looking sound equipment. Over the next seven years, the Beatles would go on to make the Abbey Road studios, specifically Studio 2, all their own (Paul McCartney used to live just around the corner), even naming their 1969 album in homage to it. That album’s cover image, of the four band members striding across the zebra crossing outside the studio, is why tourists from all over the world risk life and limb today to have their pictures taken standing in the middle of the famous road. Far from being an ancient monument, though, Abbey Road is still a functioning studio, having recently hosted the recording of the third 'Star Wars' movie soundtrack.

Photo: Russell Cooper http://flickr.com/photos/bellzatk


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Do you know a more popular street ? Everybody wants to take a picture of theirselves crossing Abbey Road - don't you?

Juan Salas

it encompasses the britians music history.

The Beatles are one the most popular bands ever. They have set many records in their time. The picture of the 4 members crossing the road is in my opinion iconic.
Robin Frowd

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I nominate the English weather.