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Thank you for taking the time to nominate your Icon of England. Use the form below to tell us what your suggestion is. Remember that we do not accept people as nominations (e.g. No to Brunel. Yes to Brunel's Clifton Suspension Bridge). Check our ICONS criteria here.

ICONS is hugely popular, so it does mean we have lots of nominations to process. Please be patient - we will put up accepted nominations as fast as we can.

To help speed things up and to avoid duplications, do check first if your suggestion is already nominated by someone else. If it has been, we may ask you to nominate something else. Look through the Nominations A-Z list to check if you wish.

If it has been nominated by someone else, don't worry - you can still add a comment. Visitors to individual nominations can also vote for or against nominations.

We do hope you enjoy the ICONS site. Don't forget you can explore our ICONS collection as well as nominating your own icons.

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