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The Argos Catalogue

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The Argos Catalogue

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The Argos Catalogue

The Argos company was founded in 1973, and has maintained a virtually unbroken history of growth and expansion ever since. Based in Milton Keynes, it now has more than 650 branches in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

For the uninitiated (although it’s hard to imagine anybody hasn’t visited an Argos store at some stage in their lives), you look up what you want in the catalogue, and then punch its reference number into a machine that tells you how many there are in stock. Having paid for the item, you then wait to collect it from a counter where it appears, as though by magic, from the bowels of the warehouse.

For many – like our nominator – the catalogue is virtually a sacred text, the sort of book you can curl up in front of the fire with on long winter evenings. Riffling through its pages, you will find a cornucopia of treasures passing before your enchanted eyes, in a world where water filters and baby bouncers, office shredders and ping-pong tables jostle each other in glad profusion. IKEA? Don’t make us laugh.

Photo: Courtesy Argos


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We've all sat looking into the Argos catalogue dreaming of what we shall buy next or working out our Christmas shopping list. That glossy book of dreams has entered every living room and touched the lives of millions. Definitely an icon in its own right.

Steve Ward

My daughter is disabled and she really loves looking through the Argos catalogue, but she has trouble turning the pages. I'm after a laminated catalogue like those in store but not had much luck so far...
marion taylor

Everyone my age must have sat with their siblings during the weeks before Christmas flicking through the toy pages deciding what to ask 'Father Christmas' for!

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I believe rice, peas and jerk chicken is an Icon of England.

Ade Adeluwoye