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Aston Martin

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Aston Martin

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Aston Martin

The Aston Martin is that rare thing – an English car manufactured in England (albeit under the ownership of Ford), at the Gaydon plant in Warwickshire. Sexy and shapely, generations of Aston Martins have, over nearly a century, been images of a particularly English type of understated class. Typified by the DB series, these are sports cars that don’t shout ‘I am a sports car!’ but subtly emanate an almost feline power and style. Ever since the DB5 starred with James Bond in Goldfinger in 1964, equipped with ejector seats and missiles, the Aston has been an indispensable accessory of a certain kind of go-getting action hero. It was Roger Moore’s choice of transport in The Persuaders too.

Founded as Bamford and Martin just before the first world war, the company chose the name Aston Martin for its cars after an early model won the Aston Hill Climb race in 1914. From there, successive models went on to glittering achievements in races all over the world. Nor has the pace of innovation slackened. In 2005, the new, sleekly streamlined V8 Vantage went into production, another classic car from a classic car company.


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Without a shadow of a doubt these British motor cars are the best in the world. With a trademark shape all of their own, anyone can always tell an Aston from the fabulous DB4 onwards, and amazing performance they set the quality and standards that other European marques can only dream of attaining.

Mark Bennett

The Aston Martin DB9 is the pinnacle of British car engineering. It harks back to a time when the British sport's car was considered the epitome of motoring perfection. Not only is it one of the most beautiful cars in the world it handles like a go-kart and reaches speeds in excess of 180mph+. A true British icon shouldn't be a bowler hat, or tea with the queen. It shouldn't be a historic relic. But something that shows Britain moving forwards in to the future, showing the kind of quality, and taste that only the British are capable of. Keep your Zonda's and Ferrari's, for me the DB9 is the finest vehicle made by man, and it's British to the core.
Joe Corrall

Mark, it is English, not British! Aston Martin is a true English icon.

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My nomination is the garden shed.