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Baked  Beans

Comment on Baked Beans

To be honest, I can't imagine my week without baked beans. Whether on plain toast or naan bread, with or without olive oil, herbs or curry spices, on pasta, rice, or even in an omelette - they float my boat. And since the experts are agreed that they can be a basis for a good regular diet, I have not looked for justification! There is even a place called Brean on the coast just south of Bristol that is nicknamed Baked Beans by the locals. :-D

Comment on Baked Beans posted 2008-03-03 by Peteg from Exeter

Comment on Baked Beans

About 40 years ago, when I was working in a reference library in London I was asked for some information on the origins of baked beans. In those days of course (heaven help us no irony here!) we relied on books for our information sources and no satisfactory answer was found. So thankyou for finally resolving my query - maybe the internet is ok sometimes after all...

Comment on Baked Beans posted 2008-02-18 by Rose Arno from Devon

Comment on Baked Beans

I do believe the baked bean is perhaps a poor person's way of getting some nourishment. I would not dream of eating baked beans!

Comment on Baked Beans posted 2008-02-01 by Roberta Flack from Leicester Forest East

Breakfast of champions

Together with Heinz Tomato Soup, are two of the best items of food you can get in a can. Classless and loved by generations. There is no shame in loving it.

Comment on Baked Beans posted 2007-02-20 by CS Zeng from Kent

Comment on Baked Beans

It is the quintessential English snack. No more explanation required.

Comment on Baked Beans posted 2006-03-24 by Nichoals Barnaby from London

Comment on Baked Beans

At school, this was on the menu every day. I usually had it too. Although, the beans probably come from abroad, their combination with tomato sauce and toast must count as one of the great british contributions to cusine. It is to me anyhow.

Comment on Baked Beans posted 2006-01-27 by ashok chakravarty from Chester

Pure Shame

How could anybody allow junk food eaten by truckers and children to ever be considered an icon.

Comment on Baked Beans posted 2006-01-20 by Jim Bischoff from Swindon

Comment on Baked Beans

Baked Beans are VERY English! I recall when we were negotiating entry to the Common Market special dispensation had to be given for the quality of the tomato sauce used. Made by Heinz, the Guiness Book of Records shows that Baked Beans are mainly consumed in the UK by a wide margin.

Comment on Baked Beans posted 2006-01-20 by Tony Ambler from Brit in Texas

Comment on Baked Beans

What do the unadventurous amongst us Brits take in their luggage when they go abroad and don't want to eat foreign food? Marmite, tea bags and Heinz baked beans.

Comment on Baked Beans posted 2006-01-20 by Rachel Oakes from London