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Banksy Graffiti

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Banksy Graffiti

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Banksy Graffiti

“Imagine a city where graffiti wasn’t illegal, a city where everybody could draw wherever they liked…” (Banksy, 2005)

Banksy helps us to imagine just that. Witty, thought provoking and subversive, his stencil graffiti appears overnight on walls, street signs, railway bridges – anywhere there is a bit of room and people might spot it as they go about their daily business. His targets are mainly in Bristol, London and, in 2005, the West Bank Wall. You should keep a look out, you could find it anywhere and it might make you smile and look at the world in a new way.

A self-styled “art terrorist”, Banksy also specialises in adding hoax exhibits to the collections of major galleries and museums around the world. His actual identity is a closely guarded secret for fear of prosecution by the authorities.

Banksy’s graffiti is all about undermining icons and questioning how they got to be so important – an icon of England or the ultimate anti-icon?

Image: Topfoto.co.uk


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sum might see it as an eye saw, but his works have cult appeal and in the future i believe that he will viewed as grate artiest.

kevin Neal meredith

He's a truly inspiring art terrorist. Can I jsut ask has he by any chance been in sidcup because I saw a design by rose bruford college that looks like one of Banksy's?? Keept eh work up dude xxx

As a yokel Bristolian born un bred whom knows Banksy from ye ole day's in Bristle (alright me babber) he's come a long away from just stenciling he's thought's on a brick wall on a cold winter night. Your joe average whom trots to work in a stinking office to work with people you cant even stand, aint allowed to really voice his every day's thoughts and get his point across with out checking to see if he's guna offend the nxt joe average...to me and others i know our banksy Art / graff or wot ever you wanna call it to me is mine and every other joe average's voice. Your voice keeps us going, live it large...M8 (Ps to Banksy i still have your one and only t-shirt you printed 4 me m8 for wallz on fyre bristle 98) one love Jayner.

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My favourite Icon of England has to be the Cornish Pasty.

Ian Baldry