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Beachy Head Lighthouse

Comment on Beachy Head Lighthouse

The Highest chalk cliff in England, a calm and peaceful giant at the edge of England, protecting the country from the worst nature and man can throw at our shores.

Comment on Beachy Head Lighthouse posted 2007-02-02 by Charlie Beresford from Chichester

Comment on Beachy Head Lighthouse

I was there on Saturday, and there is something about the lone lighthouse stood apart from the beautiful white cliffs that fills one with a sense of Englishness. The white cliffs of the South have been spoken about in song and story whenever the discussion moves to the borders of England. They've been painted, sang about, used as backdrops for political broadcasts, you name it. The lighthouse, however, is also part of that story. For a sea-faring nation, it's of primary importance in guiding travellers safely home. The cliffs require the lighthouse. The noble lighthousekeeper figures in many of our tales - or did, until they all became automated. Also, the stripeyness is very cool, don't you think?

Comment on Beachy Head Lighthouse posted 2006-08-15 by Helen from Godalming