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Bedford OB Coaches and Buses

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Bedford OB Coaches and Buses

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Bedford OB Coaches and Buses

These were the 29 seater coaches and buses built between 1939-1952, which were the mainstay of rural bus operators until the 1960s. Also used by numerous private hire operators, for private hire, excursions to the coast, and even as school buses.

Clive Williams


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What happy memories! No replacement units in those days everything had to be stripped of and overhauled on the bench, water pumps, dynamos, starters, mastercylinders, wheel cylinders, gearbox, clutch and differentials. Everything was repaired if possible and it was a dirty smelly environment, and I reckon even now I could still overhaul a water pump and adjust the valve clearances with the engine running as before.
Chris McQuistan

Bedford adverts said "You see them everywhere" and so you did. The Bedford OB coach was THE country bus, doing the market run, sunday school outing, weekend leave trip, holiday tours, long distance services, etc.Anyone who travelled on one remembers the distinctive sound the engine/gearbox made.During WW2 they were the choice of the Ministry of Supply for single deck buses. Ask anyone to describe a "vintage" coach and they will describe... an OB Bedford. My OB "Exmoor Beauty" JDV754 still earns her keep providing stylish Wedding transport and heritage outings, and people smile and wave as we travel by. What fun! A real Icon.
Martyn Babb

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My favourite Icon of England has to be the Cornish Pasty.

Ian Baldry