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The home of shooting in the UK and known throughout the world. It has been the venue for the Queen's Prize and countless other competitions since the time of Queen Victoria.

Mr. M. Ellinor


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The spiritual home of Target Shooting globally, the annual Imperial Meeting draws teams and competitors from London to Canada to Australia to South Africa, many staying in the clubhouses that would look more in place in Imperial India than in the dappled summer sunshine of the home counties. Traditionally dominated by public school pupils and their alumni, shooting is now a sport for all, where you can have a Lord of the realm shooting shoulder-to-shoulder with the butcher from the village. The Queen's Prize is still considered to be one of the greatest trophies in the world - worth more to many than a Commonwealth or World Championship title. It's a sport for all, whether you are disabled, young, old, fit or fat, all can compete. A true British tradition, which sees some of the finest sportsmanship you will ever come across. A true British tradition.
Richard Hemingway

Bisley may be inefficient, snobbish, outdated and, well... ,downright bloody odd! but it is VERY British - club huts with verandahs, - well, you really have to experience this international centre with an absolutely British character to understand. It really is Britishness condensed !
Mike Eveleigh

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My favourite Icon of England has to be the Cornish Pasty.

Ian Baldry