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Blue Peter

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Blue Peter

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Blue Peter

The BBC’s long-running children's programme — named after the emblem hoisted by ships about to leave port — was so named because its creators wanted it to take its young viewers on a voyage of adventure and discovery.
It remains one of the few programmes that does not use brand names — hence the famous references to "sticky-back plastic". In 2005, it ran an item on the making of Smarties, without once using the product name.

Devised by John Hunter Blair, Blue Peter set sail on October 16, 1958, fronted by presenters Christopher Trace and Leila Williams. Over the years, a myth has grown up about the "curse" of Blue Peter ex-presenters: Michael Sundin and Caron Keating both died tragically early, while others have variously found themselves the subjects of scandalous exposés and allegations in the tabloids. Even the Blue Peter pets haven’t escaped the "curse": the original Petra, the show's first dog, died after just one appearance, and had to be replaced by a body double.

Photo: Andy Smith


Your comments

The long-running BBC children's programme, coining phrases like "here's one I made earlier" and "sticky-back plastic". On our screens since 1958 and still going strong.

John O'Hara

For over 40 years it has been a Television programme that has had many immitators but none that have lasted. Famous clips, and sayings have entered everyday language such as 'and here is one I have prepared earlier' or 'can have a Blue Peter badge' - some with a tone of sarcasim, Famous clips from my regualar vuewing years have to include the famous scene with the elephant depositing its waste over John Noakes feet!
Philip Gay

Marvelous long running children's show. A lot was learned by watching this programme and the appeals have helped so many people worldwide over the years. I won my Blue Peter badge back in 1972 and in my childhood days of viewing the legendary Valerie Singleton, John Noakes, Peter Purves and Lesley Judd were the presenters . Great memories of a Great British Icon.
Chris Ruff

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I nominate the red pillar box.

Donna Spencer