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Boudicca's Statue

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Boudicca's Statue

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Boudicca's Statue

For all the world, this massive bronze statue of the legendary Queen Boudicca in her chariot looks as if it’s about to take the City of London. Pulled by rearing horses, Boudicca – or Boadicea as she’s sometimes known – looks capable of anything. And if history is to be believed, she was a formidable enemy. After the Roman occupying force flogged her and raped her daughters, Boudicca led her East Anglian forces into battle against them, ransacking Colchester and St. Albans and burning London before being finally defeated in AD62. The statue was made by the English artist Thomas Thornycroft from 1856 until 1885, but it wasn’t erected in its current position near Westminster Bridge until 1902. Interest in Boudica was revived in Victorian times when Queen Victoria was portrayed as her namesake – and if mutterings in Hollywood are anything to go by, another revival is on the way – there are no less than four projects in the pipeline on her life, including Mel Gibson’s Warrior.

Photo: George Lewin


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A 'typically English' gesture to raise a statue in London someone who raised London to the ground!

Philip Clucas

Raised in East Anglia and of Irish heritage, Queen Boadicaea's story has resonated with me from childhood. After the death of her husband she had the grit to continue to fight and to incite her tribe against any and all. I remember a school book with an illustration of a blonde woman in a breastplate holding a lance and shield while astride a chariot - horns extending from the wheels. Apart from the blonde hair she's my ideal woman. Living in the US I've since learned that the Roman name is no longer used...

The staute is a really powerful statue that gives alot of people courage and confidence that they CAN make a difference. This is why I came on this site to see it, to give me encouragement. I think this article is a very interesting piece of work!! The statue of Boudicca makes me feel proud, I don't kow w hy but I do and that is what gives me courage!!

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My nomination is the garden shed.