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Branston Pickle

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Branston Pickle

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Branston Pickle

How would you describe the taste of Branston Pickle: tangy, spicy, sweet? Or all of the above? And how about that all-important texture: sticky, chunky, crunchy? It is a closely guarded secret just which combination of spices gives Branston its distinctive flavour, and has been since its invention by Crosse and Blackwell in 1922. So specialised is its method of manufacture that when the Bury St Edmunds factory that makes it suffered a fire in late 2004, production had to cease entirely because it couldn’t be made anywhere else. There was nearly a shortage for Christmas and panic buying on E-Bay forced the price up to £16 a jar! The pickle is incredibly popular, especially as part of an old-fashioned Ploughman’s Lunch. (It really does have a magical effect on cheese – try it!)

Twenty-eight million jars are sold every year, and among those who swear they cannot eat a sandwich without it are Naomi Campbell and Catherine Zeta-Jones. A truly British taste sensation, despite combining international ingredients such as dates, rutabaga and brown sugar, Branston pickle is a recognisable brand worldwide.


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So typically British. You just can't find it in the local supermarket here in Italy and, until recently when I discovered that "Old England Stores" in Florence sells it, I used to have it shipped out here by my Mum and my friends. It's the first thing I eat when I visit home and I've never found anything that comes even close to substituting it. Cheese and Branston toasties - yum! More than 28 million jars sold every year in the UK - say no more

Claire Westgarth

Unimaginable having cheddar cheese or a ploughman's lunch without some Branston Pickle. Whilst other countries having relishes, there is nothing quite like Branston.
Russell Hougham

I just discovered Branston Pickle this year and it is the most amazing thing ever! I usually have cheese and kebab toasties but now I can't stop eating Branston Pickle cheese toasties!
Mr Jamal

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I believe rice, peas and jerk chicken is an Icon of England.

Ade Adeluwoye