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bread and butter pudding

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bread and butter pudding

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bread and butter pudding

Bread and butter pudding is the kind of classic dish that attracts enough respect from professional cooks to cross over from the home, and show up on chic menus in glitzy restaurants like the Ivy in London's West End. Gary Rhodes in particular, with his devotion to English food, has championed the pud, ending its associations with the school canteen, and in his book Toast, food writer Nigel Slater said bread and butter pudding cooking in the oven is the smell and sound of a hug.

Traditionally providing an excuse to use up old bread, the recipe includes the simple layering of buttered slices of bread (artistically scattered with raisins) in a dish into which an egg and milk mixture is poured. These days you are just as likely to come across exotic variations like raspberry and orange bread and butter pudding with a raspberry coulis, added honey and apricot, or perhaps whisky and ginger.


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A classic English dessert, bread and butter pudding evokes both memories of school dinners as well as appearing on the menus of top chefs. A pudding born from an earlier age of austerity and class distinction, and now rediscovered by a wealthier generation. How very English.

Philip Parker

My grandma Wheelwright's bread and butter pudding was to die for. Crisp and golden on the outside, soft and full of sultanas on the inside. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it.
Angela Wilson

The bread and butter pudding I remember from the wartime era consisted of great crusts of stale bread sticking up out of a sea of God knows what!
Peter Walton

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My nomination is the garden shed.