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Bristol Cars

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Bristol Cars

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Bristol Cars

"Nicely understated. Never underrated". If you want to buy a Bristol car, don’t bother heading to your local garage or dealer – the company only sells directly, through its own showroom at 368-370 Kensington High Street, London. The hand-built luxury cars are made at their factory in Filton; the number actually produced each year is a closely guarded secret, but is believed to be fewer than 150.

Ironically, these coveted cars had their origins in aeronautics when, in 1945, the Bristol Aeroplane Company (BAC) began working with AFN Ltd, makers of Frazer Nash cars. Their aim was to produce hand-built cars with an emphasis on quality, superior engineering and safety. Their first model was the 1947 Bristol 400. Current models include the all-new Fighter, the two-seater Blenheim Speedster, and the Blenheim 3S.

Photo: © Cyril Le Roux


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The Bristol car company is as iconic as it is possible to get. Rare, exclusive and born from Britain's now nearly extinct aero industry. Few cars are made these days. As they are hand-built, only the very wealthy can afford them, but they are pure British. Designed, built and sold from a single base.

Charles Bryer

Cool cars

My father's favourite car (though he never owned one) we used to regularly visit the stand at the Earl's Court Motor Show. It is an iconic British Car - more than almost any other - because Bristol is a privately owned British company which builds a hand-made car of luxury specification, with traditional quirks such as aluminium coachwork and a separate chassis. Great to see one used on TV in the 'Inspector Lyndley' stories.
John Rivers-Vaughan

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My nomination is the garden shed.