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Bulleid Pacific

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Bulleid Pacific

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Bulleid Pacific

The most unique design of a steam locomotive anywhere in the world.

Frank Skinner


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A fine engine but surely some of the other steam locos should be icons too. Therefore why not nominate steam locomotives in general rather than one specific class.
penny southwell

I grew up with these locomotives taking me to school in Exeter from Crediton during the mid 1950's - 1963. I was an avid "spotter" and continued to follow them till the bitter end in 1967. They represented the epitomy of steam development in the UK with their sleek lines ( in both dressed and undressed form) and ample power coupled with reliabilty ( nothing unusual to find them appearing daily for four - five weeks) and quietness. They made a sensational quiet shuffling noise when starting and at speed (except when they lost their feet) so unlike the brash noises eminating from the other Companies locomotives. Also the sound of the steam generator was reassuring on a snowy night in 1963. In their final days, they provided myself and many others with exhilaration as they refused to go out other than in style. Well ahead of their time, they were culled whilst still in their infancy.
barry hodge

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I believe rice, peas and jerk chicken is an Icon of England.

Ade Adeluwoye