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Burgh Island

Comment on Burgh Island

Spent our 15th wedding anniversary here and it was just sublime. Totally transports you back to the glamourous days of the twenties and thirties. And this from a guy who hates to dress up. Black tie every night and it was wonderful!

Comment on Burgh Island posted 2008-05-12 by Michael Thomson from Chichester

Comment on Burgh Island

I worked here for 6 months in 1997. It was the most amazing experience of my life - and I have travelled all over the world. If you have the chance, go and stay at the hotel - its totally magical - you will fall in love with the island.

Comment on Burgh Island posted 2008-04-25 by RMM from northeast

Comment on Burgh Island

As a boy my memories of Burgh island are actually looking at it from bantham beach. The white art deco hotel was clearly visible as was a small pub. When we went to Bigbury on sea for the first time and took the sea tractor across to Burgh island my brothers and i loved the experience. I have been back many times since and i am now old enough to enjoy a pint in the Pilchard Inn. Burgh island is one of my favourite places in England and the views from the top of the island are fantastic.

Comment on Burgh Island posted 2006-02-13 by Tom Lawrence from Hertfordshire

Comment on Burgh Island

I have only been there once, as a result of having seen the 1960's film "Catch Us if you can" starring the Dave Clark Five some of which was filmed at the (then derelict) hotel. It's a bit much to declare it as an icon, but it is a rather special building and the peace you can find on top of the island by the old barn is something to savour.

Comment on Burgh Island posted 2006-01-24 by Robin E Wild from Weston-super-Mare

Comment on Burgh Island

This is my most favourite place in the whole of the England! Takes me back to my university days when after exams we used to spend time lazing in the sun. The tractor has to be one of the most unique in the world! The view from the top of the island is certainly worth the climb. Nothing like a drink in the pub below before leaving the island.

Comment on Burgh Island posted 2006-01-24 by Naeema Willis from London