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A glimpse at the staff list in a brochure from the 1950s gives you an idea of what’s in store on your perfect Butlins holiday: Radio Butlin Announcer, Sports Organiser, Sports Store Attendant (should you need a tennis racquet or a putter), Nursing Sister, Housekeeper, Chalet Maid, Chef, Dining Hall Supervisor, Waiter, Barmaid, Whist and Card Room Supervisor, Boatman, Photographer, Ballroom Manager, Gardener, Kiddies' Entertainer, Camp Padre, Skating, Swimming and Archery Instructors, plus Games-on-the-Green organiser. And that’s not to mention the roster of “famous artistes” booked to entertain you in the evening shows, nor the famous Butlin’s Redcoats described as “indefatigable leaders in so much of the Camp amusements and good friends of every Butlin guest of every age”.

There have been many changes to the landscapes, chalets and overall Butlins package since the first camp opened in Skegness in 1936, but the essentials have stayed the same: the vision of a “total” holiday experience for all the family, even in the vagaries of the British climate, and a cast-iron commitment to value for money.

Photo: Courtesy of Butlins


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Founded by Sir Billy Butlin in 1936, a week’s all-inclusive holiday cost £2.12s 6d per person. Today Butlins is still a wholly British-owned company offering top-class entertainment and has produced such stars as Des O’Connor, Dave Allen, Jimmy Tarbuck and Stephen Mulhern from the ranks of the famous Redcoats. It has also been a breeding-ground for more recent pop and TV talent. This year is actually the celebration of the brand's 70th birthday!

Lesley Penniston

Initially founded on the premise of a week's holiday for a week's pay, even the TV has found time to take the mick with Hi-de-Hi but it doesn't stop the English going each year, even some of us now in New Zealand!!
Andrew Mortimer



My nomination is the garden shed.