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Cambridge University

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Cambridge University

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Cambridge University

Compared to its great rival Oxford University, 31-college Cambridge is the new kid on the block (apologies, Cantabrigians), currently looking forward to celebrating its 800th anniversary in 2009. Its privileges as a teaching institution were confirmed by Edward I in a royal charter of 1292, but it had been established 83 years earlier by Oxford scholars fleeing the hostile attentions of local townspeople.

Cambridge has always had a particularly glittering reputation for scientific research, and was where Charles Darwin and Ernest Rutherford, among many others, were educated. It was somewhat behind Oxford in admitting women as full members (they achieved parity of academic status with men in only 1947). The University is currently undergoing one of the most dynamic periods of expansion in its history, having seen its new Centre for Mathematical Sciences opened by the Queen in 2005.

Photo: Copyright University of Cambridge/Mark Mniszko


Your comments

It represents the highest standards in national education, a beacon of learning, and is also comprised of some very beautiful architecture.

Wendy Parker

Not only has Cambridge been a bastion of the highest standards of education for the best part of a millenium, it is also, quite simply, one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Whoever allowed the tacking of those godawful Cripps buildings to Queens and St Johns ought to have been strung up, it's true. But King's Chapel, the backs, Clare Fellows Garden, the Wren Library, the view from St Mary's... I could go on all day. Punting to Grantchester on a sunny day is my idea of heaven. Cambridge is, quite simply, my favourite place in England.
Stephen Wicken

Sorry, but considering some of the absolutely hideous buildings that are part of the University, I do not think I can bring myself to vote for the whole thing. Please can we seperates this out to Kings Chapel or the backs. And why not add punting to the list while we are at it!

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I believe rice, peas and jerk chicken is an Icon of England.

Ade Adeluwoye