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Caravan holidays

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Caravan holidays

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Caravan holidays

The words “caravan holiday” conjure up different pictures for different people. Some will think fondly of a home from home, the freedom to go where you please, and happy holidays spent exploring England off the beaten track. Others will ponder with a sinking heart endless rainy days cooped up with squabbling family members and damp pets, dodgy caravan parks with dodgier plumbing, and sitting in bank holiday traffic jams behind 300 other caravans all crawling along the motorways.

Whichever group you identify with, it’s hard to deny that caravanning is very much a part of the English holiday landscape, although nowadays you are as likely to be checking out caravan parks in mainland Europe, Australia or the United States, as contemplating another weekend in Clacton. The caravanning community is a welcoming one with plenty of experienced people willing to give you advice on the best types of caravans and favourite places to park them as well as having great holiday stories (and snaps) to share. Maybe this is the year to give it a go...


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generations of English families have taken the good old caravan holiday to their local holiday resort.

Lee Ingram

Static caravans - brilliant budget holidays for all, though not just an English phenomena. Those appalling aluminium boxes dragged along the roads and holding up traffic - please ban them. I believe the 'Not the Nine O'Clock News' team had a solution involving a roll-on roll-off ferry that was open at both ends!

caravan hols are brilliant nothing better than waking up sitting outside the caravan with a nice cuppa
craig russell

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My favourite Icon of England has to be the Cornish Pasty.

Ian Baldry