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Chip Butty

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Chip Butty

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Chip Butty

I never thought too much about it, I had always seen my Dad put chips on a sandwich when I was younger, and when I was older buying a chip butty from the fish and chip shop was just as common as buying fish and chips. But when my future Canadian wife came to visit me for the first time in England, she commented on how bizarre that it was carbohydrate on carbohydrate! Not living outside England, before I thought it was as natural as anything else. I guess it takes a foreigner to point out something that is uniquely English. Living among our English-speaking cousins and visiting our other English-speaking cousins in the US, they find it just as bizarre as my wife does. For me though it is a uniquely English thing to do to put chips on bread and eat it! (As English as I am though, I can do without the mushy peas!)

Anthony Lister Photo: Gaetan Lee


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Love a chip butty as much as the next person - but who said it was English? We have them in Scotland - but call it a roll n chips. Same thing - so the English CANNOT claim it as their own!

To me it sounds absolutely god-awful! Can't imagine eating such a disgusting thing.

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I believe rice, peas and jerk chicken is an Icon of England.

Ade Adeluwoye