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Church Bells

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Church Bells

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Church Bells

The familiar sound of church bells on an English Sunday morning is created by ringing all the bells in the tower in a harmonious peal simultaneously, a tradition which goes back to the eighth century. Each bell sounds a different note and the number of bells can vary - usually there are between 5 and 12. The individual bells often have nicknames or are dedicated to a particular saint. Many church bells are engraved with inscriptions, which tell the various uses to which they are put, when they were cast and by whom, some even display poems!

Bells are used to call people to prayer (which is why you’ll hear them on Sundays so much) but also for weddings, other special occasions such as the end of a war, or just for bell ringing practice! Bell ringing is a popular English hobby - have you ever tried it? There are over 40,000 fans who would be happy to “show you the ropes”!


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Church bells are truly the sound of England and is an art that is quintessentially English.

Veronica Newman

Church bells are just as common in France and Belgium, and for all I know elsewhere, as they are in Britain.
Tabitha Twistleton

The reason why they call England the 'Ringing Isle.'
Rosemary Ralph

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My favourite Icon of England has to be the Cornish Pasty.

Ian Baldry