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Clarks Shoes

Comment on Clarks Shoes

I am over 50 years of age, and throughout my life I have bought many various types of Clarks shoes. None have ever let me down. Always great shoes. Last Christmas, I too, like George Corvin bought a pair of Active Air shoes here in Dublin. When I tried them on in the shop they looked great and fitted well, with plenty of toe movement room too. However, with increasing wear in the interim, I have sadly had to 'hang them up' as my feet are absolutely killing me after just 3 hours wear. Never have I experienced anything like this with any other shoe I have worn. I have been on to the Clarks customer care site who inform me to return them to the shop with my receipt (there's snag 1 - can I find the receipt?? No.) Even though they are a relatively new pair of shoes with no apparent defect, I'm expecting it to be an issue when I try to return them. I simply don't accept that this may be a one off either! Anyone else like George and I out there? I Will keep you posted....

Comment on Clarks Shoes posted 2008-03-07 by Sean Hogan from Dublin, Ireland

Comment on Clarks Shoes


Comment on Clarks Shoes posted 2007-11-26 by Mr Babe from Manchester

Comment on Clarks Shoes

I am an ex army man who marched on many types of terrain, under various climatic conditions, covering as many miles as some people drive during their lifetime. To a soldier, his greatest friend or enemy are his boots. Great care is taken while selecting a new pair and given the chance a soilder can learn from experience more about footcare than the best shoe designers. Last Xmas I was given a 'wonderful' pair of Clarks Active Air shoes. They looked good but turned out to be the most uncomfortable pair of shoes I've ever worn. Clarks made so many elementary mistakes and they should remember that not everyone wears silk socks! Good shoemaking seems to have become history.

Comment on Clarks Shoes posted 2007-06-27 by George Corvin from Kenya

Comment on Clarks Shoes

I am wearing a brand new pair of Wallabees for the first time. They were delivered two weeks ago. I immediately sent them off to my shoemaker to have the crepe soles removed and replaced by Vibram. The shoes cost $100, the substitution cost $70. I would buy more shoes if I felt I could afford them. The crepe soles simply don't feel safe to walk on.

Comment on Clarks Shoes posted 2007-03-27 by lillian urry from 666 main st., winchester, ma 01890

Comment on Clarks Shoes

Nice to see clarks are bringing back the "pasty" shoe.This was a true icon and the only shoes I could find that were truely foot shaped and didn't distort your feet in the name of fashion. The inside line of the foot shood be straight .Those with curving in big toes are victims of fashion and have had their feet deformed by the shoe trade ,VIVA LE PASTY !

Comment on Clarks Shoes posted 2006-12-18 by R Hardy from Durham ,England