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Cottage Gardens

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Cottage Gardens

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Cottage Gardens

The cottage garden is one of the most important styles of English gardening. At its best it creates a feeling of peace and tranquility with echoes of a time gone by. The inherent romance of this style of planting has been idealized by writers and painters over the two centuries during which it has developed. Gertrude Jekyll, the influential gardener, built on the style - with its profusion of flowers, climbers and herbaceous borders. Examples of her work can be seen at, amongst other places, Marsh Court in Hampshire and Hestercombe in Somerset. Today it is just as popular, despite the onward march of decking and shiny metal obelisks as recommended by some TV gardening programmes.

Photo: Steve Whitehead


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What else could better represent the British character. I think it covers just about every attribute you could think of!

jennifer grant

Our traditional gardens are different from any were elso in the world. Plants like Hollyhocks, Sweet peas etc.... make a garden that is unique to our english culture and climate
isobel atkins

Our temperate climate means a wide variety of plants can be grown. The "English" style of garden is admired around the world whether it be that of a stately home or a humble cottage. It brings pleasure to the gardener as well as the onlooker to see a mass of harmonising colours.
Steven Ford

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My favourite Icon of England has to be the Cornish Pasty.

Ian Baldry