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The English Countryside

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The English Countryside

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The English Countryside

In Blake’s poem Jerusalem (which is one of our featured icons in its own right) he describes the English countryside as a “green and pleasant land” with “mountains green”, “pleasant pastures” and “clouded hills”. It is a defiantly pre-Industrial picture and, in many ways, this is how we like to think of our countryside – a place of timeless beauty, unsullied by modern life. Our countryside has so many different faces, packed into a small geographical area – as Shakespeare said, a “precious stone set in a silver sea”. This diversity is one of the things that makes England unique. When you think of the countryside, what is the picture in your mind? Do you think of Constable’s sunlit Suffolk? Or Wordsworth’s dramatic Lake District? The wild moors of Brontë country or Thomas Hardy’s ancient Wessex? How about the bleak beauty of the Fens? The dramatic, rugged shoreline of Cornwall, or the gentle hills of the Cotswolds? We are certainly spoilt for choice.

Photo: Ted Davis


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June Whitfield

For many years I have lived in Australia, in main. Away from the coastal fringe the landscape is a wide brown landscape of 'rugged beauty' and sweeping plains. Nothing compares to those patchwork fields, hedgerows and humpy bridges and green green grass of home!
David Mark Pendry

I've yearned to live in the beautiful English (or Welsh) countryside all my life! I love the Blue Remembered Hills with a passion too deep for words!

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I nominate the red pillar box.

Donna Spencer