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Crop Circles

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Crop Circles

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Crop Circles

Crop circles are an international phenomenon but with over 90% of them occurring in England, maybe we can justifiably claim these mysteries as our own. How do these beautiful shapes formed from flattened corn arise? Are they caused by landing UFOs or magnetic fields from within our planet? Was it all started by Doug Bower and Dave Chorley, two Hampshire-based artists, in 1978 as a bit of a joke? Or are they part of a Ministry of Defence conspiracy to hide the more frightening truth? And why are we getting more, bigger and more complicated circles each year? An investigation into crop circles will lead you into the worlds of extraterrestrial exploration and the paranormal, geometry and quantum physics, sacred geometry and paganism. Oh, and at this moment a company in America is developing a crop circle cereal in the shape of UFOs…

Image: Topfoto.co.uk


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They are seen in pictures all over the world but are very English. They first appeared in England and very rarely appear anywhere else. They represent the English sense of humour and desire for liberty of expression and movement over land.


It means nothing to me...aren't crop circles, American?

Rural vandalism.
Charles Harrison

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I believe rice, peas and jerk chicken is an Icon of England.

Ade Adeluwoye