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David Attenborough's Natural History Programmes

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David Attenborough's Natural History Programmes

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David Attenborough's Natural History Programmes

It really all began with the white-necked rockfowl. David Attenborough met Jack Lester, curator of the reptile house at London Zoo, while filming a studio-based nature programme for the BBC. Lester was about to embark on a specimen collecting expedition and hoped to find the rare bird in the process. Attenborough saw his chance to make ground-breaking television. Between 1954 and 1964, Zoo Quest took Attenborough and his camera crew all over the world, introducing exotic locales and their even more exotic non-human inhabitants to our living-rooms.

After a spell as Controller of BBC2, Attenborough followed up the interest generated by these programmes with Life on Earth (1979), a 13-part series watched by 500 million people worldwide. Images like this had never been captured on film before, and once again our own planet became the centre of our exploration fantasies. Since then one major series has followed another, with a final one on reptiles currently in the pipeline. Attenborough’s clipped, cultivated tones and hushed, awestruck delivery (who can forget him with the gorillas in Rwanda?) have made him the authoritative voice of wildlife documentary-making – in England and across the world.


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These films epytomize most of all the fascination that the English have with widlife. Sir David's programmes have done more then any others raise the awareness in people of the natural world about them not just in England but across the World. With a career in broadcasting spanning more than half a century - the programmes Attenborough has made - have inspired numerous people to love and understand nature in a way that before the Life- television series came into existence was not thought possible.

Alexander Georgiev

How can anything from the BBC be an English icon? Its the BRITISH Broadcasting Corporation, not English.

The BBC science, history, and "masterpiece-like" programming is so informative, educational & entertaining. it has a long and rich history.

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I nominate the English weather.