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disgusted of tunbridge wells

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disgusted of tunbridge wells

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disgusted of tunbridge wells

A quintessential English town was the birthplace of a quintessential English character – who never actually existed.

Royal Tunbridge Wells in Kent, regarded as the spiritual home of Middle England by politicians, journalists and anyone who lives outside the town, has become a byword for conservatism and traditional English values. EM Forster was an early observer of this: in his 1908 novel A Room With A View, Tunbridge Wells resident Miss Bartlett admits, 'We are all hopelessly behind the times'.

However, according to former newspaperman Frank Chapman, the outraged letter writer from the genteel spa town began life in the 1950s. The editor of the former Tunbridge Wells Advertiser, concerned at a lack of readers' letters, told his staff to write some. One simply signed his 'Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells' – and the rest is history.


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