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Drake's Drum

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Drake's Drum

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Drake's Drum

Drake's Drum hangs on the wall of Buckland Abbey at Yelverton, near Plymouth.
The drum went with the Elizabethan sailor, Sir Francis Drake, on his voyages around the world between 1577 and 1580. The drum is said to beat during wartime and at times of national significance. It is said to have been heard most recently when the British Army was rescued from the beaches of Dunkirk during the second world war. Legend has it that it was also heard when the Mayflower left Plymouth for America, when Admiral Nelson was made a freeman of Plymouth, and when Napoleon was brought into Plymouth Harbour as a prisoner. It is the subject of a famous poem by Sir Henry Newbolt. When the abbey was partly destroyed by fire in 1938, it was rescued from the blaze.


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This drum symbolises the English spirit, as embodied by Sir Francis Drake. It was with Drake during his voyages around the world and is now housed in Buckland Abbey near Plymouth. Legend has it that it will beat again if England is in danger, and Drake will return to defend his country again.

Pam Gotham

If this isn't beating already then it soon will have to be to deserve it's legend.
Bernard Edwards

The famous Drum of Sir Francis Drake. Legend has it that in a time of crisis the drum will sound to rally the people of England in their hour of need.
Alex Naughton

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My nomination is the garden shed.