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E-Type Jaguar

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E-Type Jaguar

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E-Type Jaguar

The new model of Jaguar that was unveiled in Geneva in March 1961 roared instantly into its place in history. Hailed in the motoring press at the time for having stolen the show, the E-type was a design sensation. Its outlandishly long bonnet looked as long and raking as a chameleon’s tongue, while the driving compartment sat snugly behind it, comfortably just big enough to take one style-hungry driver and passenger. Its other great trademark was the radial wheel design that successive variations on the E-type retained. When the car was launched in the United States the following month, the big guns were really wheeled out: the gleaming gold model on display was further beautified by the presence of movie actress Marilyn Hanold, star of Frankenstein Meets The Space Monster. During the swinging sixties, the E-type was the must-have accessory for the in-crowd. Naturally, it has a starring role, along with the Mini Cooper and the Aston Martin, in that wildly popular heist movie of the period The Italian Job. The E-type continued in production until the mid-1970s, by which time over 70,000 of these classic cars had been sold.


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From the Silver Ghost to the lastest Astons, some cars have been British icons, but the impact of the E-Type has been second to none. I was working in America when it came out and the kudos it gave to the UK was fantastic. There have been better cars, but few that have remained as icons.

John Edwards

There are many ways that the E-Type represents England to me. In my personal memories it is inseperable from that key period in Britain of the swinging sixties. I saw my first real-life E-Type at age 11 in 1964 when I saw a matched pair of two-tone cars - one grey over blue, the other blue over grey parked outside my local thatched church. That was when I learnt the meaning of 'dumbstruck'. But the E-type also has iconic links to other critical parts of British culture - British sporting traditions (Jaguar at the 24 hour Le Mans) - British industrial pride - and British creativity and invention.
Mike Stanley

I fell in love with the E-type aged ten when my father bought a red 3.8 coupe. I've had 4 coupes and a roadster and I'm currently restoring a highly modified 3.8 coupe...big brakes, outboard rears, 5-speed 600hp, smallblock chev as a quick roadcar. Don't panic! I'm keeping original bits to put back at a later stage. All my E-types have been series LS. Love them.
Richard Jolly

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My favourite Icon of England has to be the Cornish Pasty.

Ian Baldry