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Egg custard tart

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Egg custard tart

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Egg custard tart

The pastry mustn’t be overcooked, the custard not too heavy and there absolutely has to be a sprinkling of nutmeg on top. Just ask TV chef Phil Vickery, of Ready Steady Cook and This Morning fame: he once chose egg custard tart as his "signature" dish, and it helped him win the Pastry Chef of the Year award. "This is probably the most frequently cooked and eaten dessert I have ever made," he says.

Custard tarts date back at least to medieval times, when they were known as doucets or darioles — Henry IV had a doucet served at his coronation banquet in 1399. Doucets sometimes included pork mince or beef marrow, but were always filled with a sweet custard. The word "custard" comes from the Old French for crust (crouste), and the Anglo-Norman "crustarde" — a tart or pie with a crust.


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A favourite snack for English people with a sweet tooth, and probably a close runner to the pork pie in popularity. Other countries try to make them but they rarely succeed. Either they are not deep enough, the taste and texture differ and/or they lack the sprinkle of nutmeg, which is so essential.

Martin Milner

I have eaten 2 egg custard tarts every day for the last 8 years and at least 6 a week prior to that. Always buy them chilled from supermarkets. This is my ranking: 1. Marks & Spencer - free range and easily the best. 2. Tesco - used to be number 1 until the fat content went up. 3. Somerfield - can vary but mainly ok. 4 Waitrose - ok. 5. Sainsburys - not as good as they used to be. 6. any other supermarket - never a bakers shop.
Dave Lee



I nominate the red pillar box.

Donna Spencer