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The Ercol Windsor Chair

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The Ercol Windsor Chair

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The Ercol Windsor Chair

There are two stories behind this familiar icon. The first is that of the Windsor chair. The style dates back to the very early eighteenth century and is a basic stick-and-socket design in which legs, arms, and back spindles are anchored by a solid plank seat. The chair is comfy to sit in, lightweight and infinitely versatile in design. The many different forms are named after the shapes of their backs. Hugely popular in colonial America (and still today), they were George Washington’s favourite!

The second story is of a talented young designer from Florence who started his own factory in the chair-making capital of England, High Wycombe in 1920. His name was Lucian Ercolani and his company was called Ercol – now a world famous name in design. He took the traditional Windsor pattern and put his own spin on it, producing simple, practical yet unique chairs that fitted perfectly into the minimalist and newly style-conscious homes of the post-war years. Past meets present in one beautiful, yet practical, object.


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I nominate the Ercol Windsor Chair

Richard Elford

Windsor chairs Yes But ercol ?
Mrs R A London



I believe rice, peas and jerk chicken is an Icon of England.

Ade Adeluwoye