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Evening Standard Sellers

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Evening Standard Sellers

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Evening Standard Sellers

The cry of “Evening Standard!” is a familiar one to all London commuters. Or maybe that should read “Staaan-uh, Staan-uh, ge’ yo’ Eeenin’ Staan-uh”. One of the most colourful things about the sellers, along with the lurid headlines screaming across their news-stands, is the fact that it is almost impossible to make out the actual words of their cry. Their voices hoarse from years of yelling, each seller has a particular tune he has found for himself, with countless repetitions blurring the text of their song. Comedians from Morecambe and Wise to Richard Herring have had fun with this fact, but it doesn’t dent the efficiency of the sales technique.

The Standard has been published since 1827, when it had lots of competition and vendors used to fight over their pitches. In the mid-20th century the most famous street cry was “Star-News-Standard”, but since it merged with the Evening News in 1987, it has been the only evening paper in London. The distinctively indistinct cry of the Evening Standard seller is still one of the key sounds in the overcrowded London soundscape.

Photo: George Lewin


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If you live in London and go away for a period of time, you know you're back when you step of the train and the first thing you hear is the comforting yell of "STANARD".


London ISN'T England We all have our own local papers and people standing on street corners selling them.



My favourite Icon of England has to be the Cornish Pasty.

Ian Baldry