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Comment on Falstaff

I knew nothing about Falstaff, so I've just read a bit about him. I looked him up after my work colleagues called me Falstaff, I was intigued to know why. What a character he sounds, and I'm just like him!

Comment on Falstaff posted 2007-08-07 by Steve Rafferty from north wales

Comment on Falstaff

Arguably the most important thing about Falstaff is that he is by far the most perceptive character in the two plays, Henry IV Parts one and Two. While Hotspur and Prince Hal and Henry IV and the other nobles are busy plotting each other's downfall through war, rebellion, and violence - coated in the sugar of 'honour',,Falstaff recognises that life and laughter and good company are much more important. He regards 'honour' as a mere word , a 'scutcheon'and he who has it 'died on Wednesday'. Shakespeare comes alive most in these plays when he writes of Falstaff, who stands for all that is anti establishment in the best of English tradition!

Comment on Falstaff posted 2006-08-27 by Mick Wilson from The heart of Suffolk

Comment on Falstaff

Falstaff is one of the most influential fiction character in the history of Western literature. Like Hamlet, he has taken on a life of his own that carries beyond the theatre scene or book shelves. Writers, dramatists, composers and worldwide audiences have found comfort and inspiration in this fat, bragging and life-loving knight. Falstaff is a worthy icon of England.

Comment on Falstaff posted 2006-08-04 by Mats Arvendal from Sweden

Comment on Falstaff

Don't forget the Orson Welles film 'Chimes at Midnight'. Brilliant!!! Moving!!! Masterpiece!!!

Comment on Falstaff posted 2006-07-20 by B Edwards from Whitby