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Famous Five Books

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Famous Five Books

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Famous Five Books

Enid Blyton’s Famous Five books have remained popular despite the rumblings of book critics and librarians – in fact, they seem to be enjoying something of a renaissance. A YouGov poll of more than 2,500 adults in 2005 put the Famous Five at the top of the pile, ahead of the Chronicles of Narnia. They still sell 1.4 million copies every year in Europe – and as if that weren’t enough, there’s a cartoon series coming to our TV screens in 2007.

The first book was Five on a Treasure Island, published in 1942. Blyton, a prolific writer capable of producing 10,000 words a day, went on to write another 20 Famous Five books, the last appearing in 1962. The books follow the adventures of Julian, Dick, Anne, George, and Timmy the dog. George (short for Georgina) is a tomboy and said to be based on Blyton herself. Innocence, friendship, the English countryside, old world values and lashings of ginger beer are the order of the day.


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As a boy I was intrigued, mesmerised and totally engrossed with the adventures of the "Famous Five" stocking up with lashings of ginger beer, cucumber sandwiches before settting forth to jolly well solve the mysterious goings on and apprehend devious characters to ensure fair play and justice prevailed.


Didn't we all read them as our first "grown up" books?
Dave Hodson

The Famous Five are very adventurous and I like them very much. Their adventures show me the meaning of bravery.

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