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Folk Music

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Folk Music

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Folk Music

There is a huge tradition of English folk music which is still evolving. This is an English tradition that has never died. Enjoy!

H Bell Photo: Stuart Bridgett


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Folk music is part of our heritage and identity, and summed up well in the record by Show of Hands - Roots. Going to a pub and listening to people playing a guitar and singing shows us as people who are involved, rather than staring at a large flat screen TV and absorbing TV
Denise Taylor

Despite the apparent defeat by the commercial sludge put out on the aural media, English Traditional Music keeps fighting back and is even now growing in practice. There is an increasing number of available pub sessions (despite Government opposition) where English Music ("Music with Guts") is the norm, rather than that of the other cultures with which we (happily mostly) share these islands. Archbishop Sentamu tells us to be proud of our English heritage and for me this is the best.
Chris Brownbridge

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My favourite Icon of England has to be the Cornish Pasty.

Ian Baldry